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Sheila Wells, event coordinator
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Sheila Wells says it’s “the positiveness” of weddings that she enjoys most in her role as events coordinator for The Parador in Houston’s Museum District. She notes that the circa-1928 building, which marries Mediterranean style with Byzantine detail, is perfect for couples who want privacy for their wedding: “It’s their own villa for their special night—they’re not competing with any other events.” The Parador, a former church, features a soaring dome, raised stage and space for 300 guests. Adds Wells, “Our large gardens are beautifully landscaped,” providing further ceremony, reception and photo-op options for couples and their guests.

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Designated as a Texas Historical Landmark, The Parador is one of Houston's premier social and corporate event venues. The building offers two large adjoining spaces, each with its own courtyard or garden, which can be reserved individually or used jointly to accommodate larger events.

The Parador 2021 Binz Houston, Texas 77004 - (713) 529-3050 - Email: paradorhouston@aol.com